So, here is the essay in Brevity. I hope you like it. My first serious publication…. Here’s to you, Daniel.

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Happy to share our second-place winner in the Mystery and Memory Contest, from Mary Collins

pic-victorIn the Looney Tunes cartoons of the seventies, Wile E. Coyote runs out of road and hurtles headlong over cliffs, legs pedaling hilariously in mid-air. Sylvester the cat, flattened by a steamroller, peels himself off the road, shakes himself out, and gets back to pursuing Tweetie Pie.

How we laugh.

I am eleven when I almost kill my brother. It is summer vacation and, bored, we make a game of bounding from one end of our long hallway to the half-glazed front door at the other in fewer than ten leaps. Daniel is a year older than I, his wiry legs longer. I am stationed beside the door counting aloud his scissoring strides when a magnificent vision comes to me: If I open the door he’ll continue, Wile E-style, out into the air beyond…

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